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Window Tinting

Posted on: June 29th, 2012 by n3tB1z 1 Comment

GV Window Tinting Shepparton is now online! Welcome to our new blog, for fun facts, news and advice on everything to do with window tinting.

Today we’re giving advice on caring for tinted windows – what tools and products should you use to clean your tinted car or building windows?


– Microfibre cloths/sponges/lambswool mitts/cotton rags
– Wet chamois (make sure the water is clean)
– Squeegees with rubber blades
– pH neutral soap or dishwashing liquid diluted by about 1:100 (soap:water)


– Windex, Jif, Ajax etc!
– Scourers/steel wool/abrasive cleaning tools
– Squeegees with metal blades
– Any cleaning product containing ammonia or other harsh chemicals

Remember to take good care of your tinted glass to ensure it stays effective and keeps looking great for a long time to come.

This blog will be updated regularly so check back often for more Shepparton window tinting news!