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GV Window Tinting Shepparton are your local specialists when it comes to car, residential and commercial building window tinting solutions.

With over a decade of experience, our professional team can advise you on the more obvious and less well-known benefits of getting your windows tinted.

There are plenty of tinting films available on the market but we've used our expertise to choose only the best to suit your needs.

Whether you want window tinting to reduce UV glare, keep cool, save your upholstery and furnishings from fading, protection from storms, wind, rain and hail, increased safety and security or just to make your vehicle or building look fantastic, Shepparton GV Window Tinting can offer you the best tint to suit your needs - at a great price. Furthermore, all our automotive and residential films are backed by a full lifetime manufacturer's warranty as well as our quality guarantee - covering you for any damage including peeling, cracking, demetallisation, delamination and adhesive failure.

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GV Window Tinting Shepparton

For your tinting needs there is GV Window Tinting to supply your vehicles and your residential, commercial and industrial units with high quality resistant window films.

Your security and safety is our concern and that is why we make certain that our window tints are made from high grade materials that meet Australian tinting standards to provide you with ultimate protection every time, anywhere.

We all know that Australia is a land of extreme weather conditions and this is where our expertise will come in to help you and your properties cope with this country’s harsh environment.

We have been servicing Victoria for ten years already and all of our clients commend us for being reliable and trustworthy. In fact, our company has become a household name mainly due to our commitment in delivering high class window tints and efficient after sales service to our customers across Shepparton and Tatura in Victoria.

Our superior workmanship and excellent window tints made us popular tinting service providers particularly in Shepparton. Our clients range from automobile owners to construction companies that require their windows tinted and we always provide them with outstanding window tinting assistance that rivals the competition.

We at GV Window Tinting guarantee that your windows will not only be protected but taken care of by our competent and trained window tint installers. We also help beautify your windows by applying window tints that complement the paint colour of your residential, commercial and industrial buildings so that they look more appealing while preventing bad elements from violating your properties.

Most of our window tints are made for vehicles and our company caters to all types: from small cars to bulky jeeps and SUVs to campers and any other types in between. You are assured that all of your windows will be serviced by only the best window tint installers in Shepparton.

Your value for money is well assured by us. We are an honest company and we will never short-change you in any manner and we will never charge your bill with unnecessary add-ons.

Many of our competition will give you extra services so you end up paying more than you should. Our company will provide you with a service invoice sheet to inform you beforehand what to expect from us and how long would it take to finish your window tinting project. You will be informed on how we will proceed with our work to avoid any compromises.

Our GV Window Tinting Shepparton services are truly first-class and we offer full manufacturer’s warranty plus our very own quality guarantee that your window tints will serve you for a long period of time.

Our dedication to you as our valued customer is to deliver non-compromising window tints that will aide in prolonging your windows. Too much exposure to the sun’s rays can dull your windows’ surfaces and too much strong gusts of wind could cause your windows to crack, chip, and break in the long run.

With our high-quality window tints, you are ensured your windows will be protected from these elements and will lengthen their services to your cars, homes and buildings.

Call today at 0427 242 310 for free service quotes or forward an e-mail to to learn more about our Shepparton window tinting services.

Window Tinting

GV Window Tinting Shepparton is now online! Welcome to our new blog, for fun facts, news and advice on everything to do with window tinting.

Today we’re giving advice on caring for tinted windows – what tools and products should you use to clean your tinted car or building windows?


– Microfibre cloths/sponges/lambswool mitts/cotton rags
– Wet chamois (make sure the water is clean)
– Squeegees with rubber blades
– pH neutral soap or dishwashing liquid diluted by about 1:100 (soap:water)


– Windex, Jif, Ajax etc!
– Scourers/steel wool/abrasive cleaning tools
– Squeegees with metal blades
– Any cleaning product containing ammonia or other harsh chemicals

Remember to take good care of your tinted glass to ensure it stays effective and keeps looking great for a long time to come.

This blog will be updated regularly so check back often for more Shepparton window tinting news!